The chimney is a part of the home

The chimney is a part of the home that many people take for granted, but it requires maintenance and the occasional repair just like any other part of your house. Here are some signs that will tell you when it’s time to start searching “chimney repair Washington DC” for someone to make these repairs on your home.


Efflorescence appears as white staining on your chimney’s masonry. It is a sign that you have excess moisture in the masonry, which can cause your chimney to deteriorate prematurely. Contact a chimney repair specialist before you start seeing other signs of damage.

Rust in Your Firebox or Damper

The only reason why you would see any rust in your firebox or your damper is because moisture has gotten into your chimney. Much like efflorescence, this might not seem like a serious issue, but it could be an indicator of problems that will arise in the future.


Shaling is when flakes fall from the surface of bricks. Once again, this is caused by excess moisture being trapped within your masonry. As the moisture becomes trapped in the bricks, it forces flakes from their surface to fall off. Check the ground around where your chimney is located for these flakes. You might also see them in your fireplace if the problem is severe enough.

Damaged Mortar Joints

The mortar is what is holding all the masonry in your chimney together, and it can deteriorate when it collects moisture just like the bricks themselves. If you see the mortar joints start to give way or you have any loose bricks, you will need to have your chimney repaired before it starts to fall apart.

Damaged Wallpaper

It sounds strange, but wallpaper that is peeling or shows signs of water damage can be an indicator of a damaged chimney. It’s a sign that moisture has gotten into the masonry and is spreading to the rest of your home. There are certainly other reasons why your wallpaper is damaged, but if you see it along with some of these other signs, your chimney is most likely in need of repairs.