How to pick paint that matches your laminate floor

Choosing the right shade of paint for your walls can make a huge difference, especially when you match it to the floor. Here’s how you can pick a paint that will go perfectly with your laminate floor.

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Look for tones

The first thing to take into consideration is the tone of your laminate flooring. There are countless shades of laminate, but each one will have its own warm or cool tone. You might be able to pick out hints of red, orange, yellow or pink, in which case you have a warm tone; blue, grey, purple and green tones signify the cooler tones.

Match the room

Laminate can make a room feel more open, which is why more and more people are attempting to lay it themselves. If you do feel up to it, follow clear instructions or hire a professional. If your flooring is dark, you should go for light colours, whereas a light floor allows you to play around with darker shades to make it cosier.

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Stay with the same tones

Once you have figured out whether you have warm or cool tones in your flooring, you should look for colours within the same tone family. For example, if you have waterproof laminate flooring with hints of blue, such as some of those found at, you should stick with the same cool colours to complement it.

By matching your flooring and paint, you will bring the room together and create a more welcoming atmosphere.