Finding Ways To Keep Up With Traveling

Frequent Flyer Tips for the Smart Traveler

Travel is one of the countless topics you’ll find so many tips about, especially if you look online. But are all of these tips worth reading? Probably not. Some are so common sense, like as “keep an empty bottle of water in handy” or “pack little” and the like.

If you’re searching for significant tips that provide significant benefits, whether you travel for work or enjoyment, read below:

1. Read about code shares and how they work.

Before booking a flight on a partner airline to get miles, check how their partnership functions. That travel clock is always ticking, but you have to find time to review the details. Some partnerships will give you the same mileage or less. Yet others may count miles based on how much you paid for the ticket, instead of the distance covered.

2. Book your flights separately rather than getting a single round-trip ticket.

Flying two different airlines on two separate one-way tickets is sometimes less costly than if booking a single round-trip altogether, and you can even get more convenient departure and arrival times as you mix and match different flights. Evidently, with this option, the your travel clock will provide more flexibility for you.

3. Use your airline’s app.

Airlines – most, at least – have their own app that can be used to get real-time updates on things like flight delays, gate changes, etc. As a traveler, you know how a tool like this can be so helpful. At most airports, you can even use these apps for paperless boarding. Not to mention it allows you to manage your travel clock more wisely.

4. See what perks you can enjoy with your credit cards.

You may already be entitled to perks and you just didn’t know it. Remember though that these privileges can vary widely, so you will have to know what your priorities are – for instance, would you rather waive your foreign transaction fees or get more miles? Sometimes, you have to decide quickly – travel clock is always ticking, remember?

5. Get those cookies out.

Finally, if you’ve heard of such a thing called “dynamic pricing,” know that it won’t make a flight any cheaper no matter how many times you refresh a window, but it will even drive the price up because the system will think demand has increased. A lot of people like to use incognito windows to get around this, but a safer option is simply to clear your search history and cookies.

There are many other tips out there that can help increase your frequent flier IQ, but the above are some of the most useful you’ll find. You can keep your travel clock up-to-date, which is important for every traveler.