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Crucial Considerations When Calculating Plastic Injection Mold Costs

When you seek to calculate the cost of plastic injection molding, don’t forget that the price included on the quote is just one of the factors that matter. It’s essential to include the buying price as well as lasting expenses that will be incurred once you’ve started using the tool and keep occurring over the mold’s entire life. Many different factors are responsible for these two components of your mold’s total costs.

Here are factors affecting the purchasing costs of an injection mold:

Component Size and Design
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Large molds are needed to make large parts, hence higher costs of material. Likewise, a complex mold design is required to cater to complex part design, which usually results in higher total costs. In contrast, components that require uncomplicated design do well with less complex mold designs, resulting in lower equipment costs.
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Plastic Type Choice

Use of some types of plastics may require the purchase of a more expensive mold. For example, material that’s volatile, corrosive, or features abrasive substances such as mineral, glass, or carbon fiber may increase mold costs. The same is true for materials that need high mold temperatures. Such factors could also affect long-term maintenance costs of the tool.

Component Tolerance Strategy

If tight tolerance is required for parts being produced, there’s the need for additional mold manufacturing steps. Manufacturing as well as maintenance expenses will go up as a result.

Annual Throughput

In case you’re acquiring it for high-throughput projects (in the sense of hours, rather than number of components), you’ll require an excellent quality mold to deliver consistent service, which results in higher costs, certainly. Similarly, the higher the number of cavities in a mold, the higher the cost of manufacturing is.

Cycle Time Preferences

Even cooling is necessary over the entire cavity impression, or in each cavity for multi-cavity equipment if you’re going for swift machine cycles. To achieve that, a proper design for tooling and greater precision build are required, both of which add to tool construction costs, and in some cases, maintenance costs.

Source Country

The cost and quality you can get in your plastic injection mold depends on where it’s manufactured. An example is cost of injection molding in China, which may be lower than other places. While you look into the cost of local against overseas plastic injection molding, prioritize quality, though. To steer clear of the issues associated with some lower-cost molds, you should strike a fair balance when it comes to careful consideration cost, quality, and your particular requirements prior to making the ultimate choice.

Do you want to buy low cost injection molding? The parameters above will impact on the general costs of the machine you buy.