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Advantages Of Chrome Plating Chrome is one of the most sought finishes for metallic parts and not only that, this is being used widely for various applications in a number of industries. While it is very common application is seen in automotive industry where it is used for accessories and trim of motorcycle and cars, chrome plating is starting to be used in household fixtures, interior design as well as fishing. Whether you believe it or not, chrome has been used for several decades in automotive industry as an attractive and durable finish for wheels, steel bumpers and several other components in a vehicle. Plastic was discovered to be easier to manufacture and lighter than steel and as a result, it quickly becomes an attractive alternative. The thing is, this lacks of luster of metallic parts. Since the 70s when the process for electroplating ABS plastics was made, chrome becomes a lot more popular finish for both motorcycle and car components. Chrome finish wasn’t only sought after in North America but it was in late 80s and 90s when it reached its peak popularity. Fact is, it was able to rise in popularity by up to 50 percent in Europe and its application has nearly doubled in the UK.
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The primary reason to why the frequency of using chrome is high in automotive industry is that, it’s high resistance to corrosion and its capability of withstanding harsh environment. Apart from that, it is not oxidizing and very easy to maintain. All these factors partnered with high luster made it a very ideal material for automotive accessories and trim.
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There are plenty of vehicles manufactured with chrome finish on several parts chrome plating can also be done after the car is bought. Most of the electroplating manufacturers do chrome plating and there are several automotive finishes which are specializing in such material. Another known benefit for using chrome plating is that, chrome-plated components can be replated or refurbished if they’re either damaged or worn, saving great amount of cash by way of eliminating the need of replacing parts. Rather than replacing the car’s chrome components, they can be simply stripped out and replated to restore them back to their condition. Even the old parts can be used as well for plating which reduces waste and scrap, a process that’s environmentally friendly and economically frugal. All the qualities that made chrome plating very popular for motorcycle and car trim makes it a perfect finish for household fixtures as well including tap-ware, door handles, light fittings, bathroom fixtures and various other accessories and fittings in the household.